Guidance is the most important nutrition for a student to secure a happy and satisfying future. But with the increase in opportunities, we encounter higher confusion.

In the case of a student/ child, confusion arises out of the fear to choose an unknown field and live life with it. This confusion or non-awareness is not limited to students or their parents, but research and statistics show in 70% cases teachers are also not able to make out what the student should pick – based on his/her interest, talent and likelihood to excel. Moreover, many a times parents & teachers are not aware about the exact opportunities that may be allied to a certain career (read our blog on space to know more).

This leaves a huge gap which needs to be filled, but ironically it can’t be handled through one specialization or by just focusing on academics. My child may be good at studies but your may have passion for music and your neighbors girl may be a great fit for space. To take on that challenge and to give a great helping hand, we bring forward our platform UVEmerge – which is one of its own where collaborations have been undertaken to create value for parents, teachers & students.

Our objective is not just to provide learning but to create knowledge & align career aspirations of your child based on our scientific framework and collaborations to boost:

  • Improved organization and communication
  • Enhanced independent and personalized thinking & learning
  • Love for numbers which will always stay with the child
  • Enhancing digital literacy
  • Enhanced career awareness & opportunities
  • Sharpen memory and skill sets through amazing brain development programs
  • Learn soft skills & NLP from young age to stay ahead in life
  • Art of happiness and enhanced child wellness

To achieve all of this, you need to have a strong vision and collaborations in place since this could not be achieved without right set of people handling in their master way. Therefore, UVEmerge collaborated with the best of the talents and minds across India to bring them all on one platform and ensure we provide best in class learning opportunities to students across world.

Below is a brief snapshot of our amazing collaborations which will help your child achieve his dreams and stand out:

  • Bhaktawar Krishnan (Inspirus Education) for full fledged career counseling
  • Nikhitha C (SSERD) for best learning & opportunities in Space
  • Srinivasan (Yellow Buddhii) for memory techniques and Psychology
  • Aiswarya Sundarajan (ISet Careers) for career counselling
  • Latha Srinivasan (Chippersage Education Pvt Ltd) for improved English language skills
  • Shivani Pethe (Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics & Founder of wonder Labs) for fun with Science and mastering the subject
  • Bhavana Hebbar for Vedic Mathematics
  • Purva Avadhani for Soft skills
  • Applied basic Computer skills

Our prime objective is to provide a canvas to students and help them draw a happy and colorful future with all the best in class mentors and teachers available to help them draw the contours of their career, and life at large.

Come, join us in our journey of creating happy and knowledgeable students, feel free to check our website ( or write to us ( in case you have any queries. We will be delighted to answer your questions.