Education is the passport to the future,for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
– Malcolm X

An education framework is always about farming, preparing and cultivating an environment which leads to emergence of both development and delight among students in an encompassing learning environment.

We are a team who recognise the gaps between the traditional education systems and what is really needed to shape up future global citizens ready to take on 21st century, providing a great foundation to students for their promising future teaching and
UVEmerge is a framework aimed at fostering all-round development of students through an integrated, holistic approach to learning. Fusing the best of traditions and innovation takes learning beyond academics with equal focus on mental wellbeing, upskilling, creativity and values.

An investment in knowledge pays best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Success in anything depends upon the execution. It’s about how we teach, not what we teach. At schools, it is the quality of the teachers who will determine the learning of the children. In Online platforms too, it is the quality of the content and how it is delivered, which determines the success of teaching and learning endeavour. UVEmerge is spearheaded by Ms. Kalpana Mohan, a name which needs no introduction in the education industry, felicitated as "Progressive Principal of India", "Swarna Karnataka Shikshana Rathna" by Government of Karnataka and many more through our meaningful collaborations with 3500+ strong pool of faculty and teachers, memory techniques experts, child physiologists, career counselors, handwriting experts and more, our solution gives a 360° structured approach, to enable kids perform better.

Kids need to learn deeper lessons by doing project-based work so that they don’t forget the facts after the test is over or they move to next class.

Essential Steer Guide

UVE brings you scientifically researched & created assignment test series prepared by really ‘Best in class’ experienced faculty and visionaries. It encapsulates the learning with assignments, test series, chat slots for doubt clearance, group discussions, quizzes, relevant webinars by experts, reporting and gap analysis, focused preparation based on the areas where you need practice and of course certification of completion in the course with flying colours.

We provide a unique, well curated programme under the guidance of Industry’s best, that incorporates an adaptive approach to student development and best practices to provide a well-rounded learning experience. This focusses on holistic development equipping our students to emerge as ethical leaders and evolved personalities while nurturing happiness at every step.

We believe that a happy class is a productive class, and more happy classes make for a highly productive school. No matter how brilliant the curriculum might otherwise be, children need to be happy to engage and learn.

High – Five Package

While academic excellence is emphasized at every level, the focus is placed on High- Fives: mental wellbeing, critical thinking and exploration through hands on practical learning, discovering career & progression, networking & up-skilling, UVCare values and social responsibilities.

Nurturing happiness : UVEmerge’s fundamental belief is that a happy mind is more open to learning thereby productive! But often we hear students talking about pressure and stress. Certainly, to thrive and to have a good career, every child has to follow a structured, disciplined framework, but does it mean, it cannot be achieved, while being happy. India, as a country ranked at 144th rank at World happiness index in 2020, 4 position drop from 140 in 2019. Hence, UVEmerge has its key feature for kids “Measuring Happiness” and the best news is, it is “Quantifiable” We measure it according to the following factors:

  • A questionnaire through which the happiness index is computed
  • Feedback from children
  • Reviews by parents
  • Participation and involvement in activities.
If students start scoring better at happiness index, it will quantify that UVEmerge ecosystem is nurturing learning.

Career Counselling Kit

Continually discover the true calling and expand their learning horizons to enable students choose the right career path and not fall into their profession either through circumstance or because of parents’ beliefs which are not based on informed decisions.
Career planning is a continuous process, which should begin at an early age, a prerequisite for sustained satisfaction at work


Create a framework of learning experiences those are based on traditions & innovations, happiness & intellect, thereby creating balanced future ready citizens of tomorrow.

Our Services

Our immediate services:

  • Scientifically researched & created assignments /test series for CBSE & ISCE Board. Prepared by ‘Best in class’ experienced faculty loaded with great value adds
  • Happiness Index & mind wellbeing
  • Career Counselling by experts
  • Curate your own package for hands on learning
  • Hi- Fives package for being future ready leaders/li>
  • Online tutoring by best in class teachers
  • Much more to explore